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cornelia weber-fürst

cornelia weber-fürst

what i stand for:

To me, the combination of clarity, recognition and responsibility constitutes the fundamental basis for establishing relationships as well as for leading and guiding employees.

cornelia weber-fürst

coaching – training – consulting

Munich, Germany and globally

current offer:

leader charisma

Personality development for experienced leaders and managers.

A seminar program that challenges the ego and rewards with charisma.

We are going to start the next program with the first training on April 22 – 24, 2015. The further dates will take place in 2015. more »

supervision for coaches

A one of currently only 9 MCCs, Master Certified Coaches (highest degree of certification by ICF, International Coach Federation) in Germany I offer experience of more than 3.500 coaching hours for supporting coaching cases, for applying methods and for personal issues of the coach. more »

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Sunday October 26th, 2014

Often we fall into stress or panic when we realize that we cannot determine what happens in our lives. When something unplanned, unintentional happens. We strive actually almost every day to do everything right and thereby make our lives good for us. In this efforting and designing we often overestimate our control over life. And when something else happens, we might ask ourselves how this could occur. We refuse it, feel treated unfairly by life and perhaps get angry or desperate. The fact is, however, that no wo/man can have full control of her/his life. No one knows what tomorrow will bring. To a certain degree we all sit in a nut shell and float on the ocean of life. more »

no damn

Friday October 10th, 2014

A common attitude in conflicts is: “I do not care whether the other person has a problem with it.” So we try to make ourselves independent and to protect ourselves thereby. But what we actually mainly get is a greater distance to the other and to what our heart really wants. It needs much courage , especially in a threatening situation, to admit to ourselves what our heart really wants. more »

yes, no, okay

Thursday September 18th, 2014

Much of what we experience, we do not like. It often does not correspond to what we think is right, helpful or appropriate. And that’s why we refuse it. This inner “No” creates in us a resistance to mostly unchangeable circumstances, which only costs us energy. But as long as we are still clear in your mind and in your heart, we do not want to say “Yes” to it, we do not want to accept it. So we seem to have no choice but to reject. But the differentiation shows another, much more reasonable alternative: more »