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cornelia weber-fürst

cornelia weber-fürst

what i stand for:

To me, the combination of clarity, recognition and responsibility constitutes the fundamental basis for establishing relationships as well as for leading and guiding employees.

cornelia weber-fürst

coaching – training – consulting

Munich, Germany

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the true art

Tuesday March 11th, 2014

The true art of being conflict is not to convince the other of your point of view, but to put your own “world” aside and try to enter the world of the other, until you can understand and respect his thoughts and emotions. Only then we will reach a base for new ways of interacting and solutions. And don´t worry: more »

emergency talks

Tuesday February 25th, 2014

If we are in an outer or inner stress situation , we often change the way we communicate. For example, the tone turns aggressive or moaning, the message´s content is reduced, the ability to perceive limited or we start with loading up a pile of complaints on our counterpart. That’s all understandable, but not helpful for others and for ourselves. more »

avoiding enjoyment

Monday February 10th, 2014

Are you one of the few gifted people who can really enjoy life and take advantage of the opportunities that everyday life provides for it? However, when life offers an opportunity to be happy many people fall in a pattern which avoids exactly this. Because we are not used to it, because we are familiar with the fact that there is something to long for, because it seems to be defined that luck is desirable but not accessible, because it is the old Church’s moral to spend life rather in diligence and abjuration, because – especially among us Germans – the history still has influence in our lives, because … maybe you’ll find your own personal supplement here.
The luck/enjoyment avoiding patterns express themselves for example in more »