cornelia weber-fürst

cornelia weber-fürst

what i stand for:

To me, the combination of clarity, recognition and responsibility constitutes the fundamental basis for establishing relationships as well as for leading and guiding employees. cornelia weber-fürst coaching – training – consulting Munich, Germany and globally

current offers:

leader charisma

Personality development for experienced leaders and managers. A seminar program that challenges the ego and rewards with charisma. We are going to start the next program with the first training on April 22 – 24, 2015. On February 8th and 19th we offer a free information meeting about the seminar program. more »

supervision for coaches

A one of currently only 9 MCCs, Master Certified Coaches (highest degree of certification by ICF, International Coach Federation) in Germany I offer experience of more than 3.500 coaching hours for supporting coaching cases, for applying methods and for personal issues of the coach in the setting of a supervision group. The next group will start on April 20th, 2015. more »

supervision for HR

In the setting of a supervision group we offer support for HR functions and their individual current challenges. The next group will start on March 9th, 2015. more »

newsletter question



Does really everything that bothers us in others depend on the other? Is that what we perceive from the other his stuff or our stuff? You might want to terminate this difficult consideration with a flat “partly-partly” response. What makes this consideration so difficult? I suspect it is because we associate taking responsibility for our shares with the question of guilt. This link prevents reflection. Outside of courts the question of guilt is not necessary. Especially in the area of humanness and interpersonal relations we can replace it with a loving quest for understanding. Even what is not helpful, has a deeper, pre-conscious logic. more »

lack of space


When we are exhausted, feeling stressed or overwhelmed, more conflicts arise. We have no energy left for the consideration of others and use the remaining energy partly in a rigorous form to achieve what is up in the moment. We can already see that at the supermarket checkout. We compensate the lack of space for ourselves by not allowing space for others. That’s quite understandable. The more we are aware of ourselves in this lack of space the less we have to go this route of the unconscious aledged justice and are able to use our personal responsibility.
How about the following considerations when you are at such a stress point again: more »

outgrowing yourself


Transformational leadership is the leadership style that brings the performance and awareness of employees to a new, higher level. Mostly it takes a leader who not only enables trust and loyalty, but also respect and admiration.

How about not waiting until you have such a boss? What if the person you see in the mirror, is the person for whom you want to surpass yourself? Who else for can you have more trust and loyalty? Then it’s time that you allow to yourself respect and admirations: more »