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cornelia weber-fürst

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To me, the combination of clarity, recognition and responsibility constitutes the fundamental basis for establishing relationships as well as for leading and guiding employees.

cornelia weber-fürst

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Munich, Germany and globally

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appraisal influences

Saturday July 19th, 2014

Every day, we assess thousands of information and situations, usually very quickly and not quite consciously. On this basis, we meet our decisions and act accordingly.
But when we talk with someone, we often allow ourselves – also rather unconscious – to be diverted from our own sense of consistency in appraising, for example, by more »

prioritization fears

Tuesday July 1st, 2014

Do you have difficulties to prioritize, too? Everything seems important and you also would like to do everything, only the time quota is too short? What prevents us to accept the fact that there is enough time only for some of our projects and we have to decide against other projects?
If we dig very deep, we find to this question basic fears, such as

  • the fear to miss life, not to be alive
  • existential fears
  • fear of social isolation
  • fear of limitation and lack of freedom. more »

comfort zones

Sunday April 27th, 2014

Do you know comfort zones? These are areas or roles that are pleasant for us, because they do not bring us into contact with challenges, because we are familiar with here, because we know that nothing can happen to us here or that we are okay here or just that we not have to work hard here. Examples are: the role of the senior expert among colleagues, the possibility to abuse one aspect, eg an additional task, as a permanent excuse, the attitude of “I don´t want to achieve here anything anymore.”
Just take a look around in your work environment. more »