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cornelia weber-fürst

cornelia weber-fürst

what i stand for:

To me, the combination of clarity, recognition and responsibility constitutes the fundamental basis for establishing relationships as well as for leading and guiding employees.

cornelia weber-fürst

coaching – training – consulting

Munich, Germany and globally


current offers:

leader charisma

Personality development for experienced leaders and managers.

A seminar program that challenges the ego and rewards with charisma.

We are going to start the next program with the first training on April 22 – 24, 2015.

On February 8th and 19th we offer a free information meeting about the seminar program. more »

supervision for coaches

A one of currently only 9 MCCs, Master Certified Coaches (highest degree of certification by ICF, International Coach Federation) in Germany I offer experience of more than 3.500 coaching hours for supporting coaching cases, for applying methods and for personal issues of the coach in the setting of a supervision group.

The next group will start on April 20th, 2015. more »

supervision for HR

In the setting of a supervision group we offer support for HR functions and their individual current challenges.

The next group will start on March 9th, 2015. more »



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Saturday February 14th, 2015

Every day we are extremely exposed to many stimuli on various sensory channels. The digital media lead us to be absorbed by their content. We learn more and more to divide our attention into 2 if not 3. We don´t feel ourselves fully any more. This basic noise level effects our encounters and we serve them with action and reaction, but deported them to a perception channel. We are there, but not present. Our meetings are sacrificed by this basic attitude to the sensory overload just as much as the advertising at the bus stop. For some, this state resembles a persistent vegetative state with speech capability, decorated with flowery phrases, sayings or pleasantries. If we are not present in the meeting, neither we nor the other can be touched. more »


Friday January 30th, 2015

Looking at the other, being angry about him, knowing what s/he would need to do differently, shaking head at her, devalueing him, punishing him, ignore her, etc. – all of which are common conflict behavior. We would always find plenty of reasons for this on the content level. And this feeling of factual permission prevents us from seeing that this whole approach neither helps nor is the only possible one.

Regardless of the content level, we own anger and all the other emotions and reactions. And this property – like any other – requires taking responsibility. Who allows to get in touch with this for the first time, will be surprised: more »

efforting – reward

Monday January 12th, 2015
Are you one of those people who control themselves with the efforting-reward principle, i.e. making an effort and hoping life will reward you for it? This Calvinistic approach to life is just a structure. The efforting-reward principle is by no means the only way to live your life. Besides the obvious advantages of performance, this principle also includes a suppression or superposition of the original drives like the joy or the interest to do something. Everything becomes a necessity and a duty and the enjoyment of live gets a pre-condition. Another side effect can be a permanent efforting and action drive that makes restless and prevents the being quality of life. In addition, mostly is more »