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Personality development for experienced leaders and managers.

Everyone wishes for a superior with a great personality, but we hardly find such persons. Many doubt that they could become one themselves. A true personality is not accessable by the mind; inner autonomy, authenticity and a charismatic appearance develop by a decent consciousness work on a deeper level of the personality.

In this 8 month seminar program we challenge the ego drives, get rid of self judgments, reveal our natural authority and power as well as our inner source of orientation, thus we will have inner freedom of our past and duties in our day to day leadership and management challenges in order to bring about what is essentially appropriate and fulfilling.

Due to the intensity of the work we reserve the right to only allow one person per organisation to partake.

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Cultural change for the new work and strategic tool for talent management

The inhouse program of TRIPLE A**-Leadership is a conscious development beyond ego-drives and transforms the culture from the advantage-oriented self-relatedness to a WE-culture, which provides the necessary ego-free space for the new-work-methods like evolutionary tea/holacracy, co-creation and design thinking. By using the deeper personality to implement corporate strategies, problem solving takes place at the level of collective intelligence. Leaders in the organization become the transformation themselves needed for future “teal” forms of collaboration.

The program includes 3 two-day modules, a personality assessment, 8 individual coaching sessions and practice-relevant peer tasks.

The set-up is aligned with the organization’s strategic goals, leadership guidelines and ethical standards and is tailor-made for the individual personal development goals of the participants.

In addition, we provide consulting in the identification of participants, the implementation and provide a quantitative and qualitative evaluation.


Management of the future is management of awareness

The TRIPLE A**-Leadership intense adapts to the need for the utmost confidentiality and to the limitations of top executive diaries. It shows which step of awareness organizations need to take for the new work in order to be fit for the future. It generates the so-called “personal mastery” in top management, which is necessary to establish a culture that is beyond ego drives. Only conscious personalities will be able to create and guide collective intelligence.