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individual coachings

Each person is a unique universe. Working on personal change is about understanding the logic of the personality and respect it. We create inner space for true autonomy and essential, human-relevant orientation.

The purpose of individual work is to focus on your own personal situation and to develop alternative solutions that draw on various perspectives and form a basis for concrete remedial action.

  • Within a program of 5 times 3 hours you develop true self confidence, authenticity, inner holding and orientation and access to your unique potential.

    This program addresses especially general managers, members of board as well as high and middle management, since the inner freedom in these positions has broad and essential effect on employees and the company.

    It is also addressing any individual, who want´s to take this step into the „second maturity“.

  • The challenges in leadership positions often require a clarity and capabilities one is not automatically born with. The following aspects are examples for topics of my clients in leadership functions:

    • Inner authority
    • Difficult situations with employees
    • Handling power and esteem
    • Dealing with proximity and distance
    • Leadership style
    • Borders and consequences
    • Leadership instruments
    • Employee motivation
    • Team management
    • Impacting the culture
    • Communication and chairing meetings
    • Strategic alignment
  • Examples of topics, I provide support for:

    • Self confidenct and appearance
    • Preparing important events
    • Vocational choice, carreer planning and job decisions
    • Balance in life and handling stress
    • Impacts on and from the system
    • Personal ethics in business environment
  • The range and diversiy of topics in privat contexts is apparently big.

    Motives for getting support generate in outer changes and problems but also in the natural process of stages in life and their changing effects on orientations and criteria for contentment. This is a small list of examples for topics:

    • Partnership and family
    • Farewells and  new beginnings
    • Self-discovery and meaning in life
    • Checking own patterns, inner freedom
    • Insecurity and other anxieties
    • Holding and orientation, serenity and inner peace

team coaching

We do not need action plans. The forthcoming step for a teams development will take place IN the workshop. We focus on the essentials behind the words, hit the spot and allow a dignified development for each individual in the team.

In keeping with client requirements, a team workshop lasts one to three days. According to the specific situation concerned, we will focus on one or more of the following main topics:

  • Team building
  • Team development
  • Clarification of problems and conflicts
  • Transforming the team culture
  • Managing change
  • Developing the common vision, mission and strategy.

The workshop allows the group involved to examine and explore their own specific topics and subject areas. I like to encourage group members to make use of their emergent „construction sites“ to optimally harness their group’s potential.

In conflict coachings we deal with personal, inter-personal and emotional conflicts (with or without an objective cause). Considering and examining all perspectives and opinions, we will establish a basis for reciprocal understanding and create agreements that the participants can adopt not only as employees or managers but also as human beings.