On our way of being raced to a socialized person we have learned directly and even more indirectly to be accomodating for others in order to be socially integrated and emotionally or existentially secure. We are capable of politeness and – according to our personal imprinting – of being nice, entertaining, inconspicuous, funny, joyful, confirming, supportive, uncomplicated, etc.

Every time we try to accommodate we ignore our inner truth. Maybe inwardly we wouldn´t feel like smiling but rather like being angry and being allowed to be angry, or we would rather feel like changing the topic, going for quietness or freedom to do or say something. But we deny ourselves. Sometimes. Often? How often actually?

Time for an update:

Is the price we are paying for denying and ignoring ourselves still appropriate for the alleged benefit?

Do you actually still need to do so for being socially integrated? For being secure?