designing the new year

Today a coaching question could be: “Assuming you can create the year, that lies ahead of you, in any way you want it to be, …” With such questions I often don´t get any further at this point because my discussion partner already signals verbally or non-verbally that this is not possible – as if not even the question or consideration is allowed. It’s interesting how much and what is blocking or limiting us when it comes to using the full range of our own ability to create and our own potential. The causes of these blockages and limitations are all human and can be worked up. But even without this work we can decide to boldly go for this consideration, at least in order to develop a clear idea of ​​what we are actually after. This clear vision brings us not – as many may think – a disappointment, but an increase of will and strength and orientation. Reflecting, which kind of limitations are real and how to deal with them, you can still do afterwards (and thus more concrete). So:

Assuming you can create the year, that lies ahead of you, in any way you want it to be:

  • How would it look like?
  • What would be essential for you?
  • What would that do to you as a person, partner, father / mother, friend, colleague, manager?
  • What would you gain by it?
  • What would you say good bye to for it?

And possibly followed by:

  • Where exactly are the “felt impossibilities” rooted, when we assume that the difficulties may not be as set in stone as the way they feel like?