dissatisfaction diversion

One who does not like to reflect thoroughly, might easily get to an internal redirection, which tries to find  the reasons for one’s own sense of dissatisfaction in the surroundings, in others. If we feel inwardly a dissatisfaction, we are looking for a reason, almost unconsciously. Since this is not always easy to find and this fact is even more frustrating, we gratefully accept the disagreements, inconveniences and difficulties of the environment in order to satisfy the question of the reason. Then at least we have a clear reason to be dissatisfied. Great. Just stupid, that it does not help us out of the feeling itself. On the contrary, it even creates a dependency on things that we cannot change.
The attitude “I have a right to be unhappy because …” satisfies only the ego, not the true self.
How easily do you go into this emotional impasse?
The path of development and self-determination begins with the question:
What am I actually really unhappy about? What is it in me, that is actually dissatisfied?