efforting – reward

Are you one of those people who control themselves with the efforting-reward principle, i.e. making an effort and hoping life will reward you for it? This Calvinistic approach to life is just a structure. The efforting-reward principle is by no means the only way to live your life. Besides the obvious advantages of performance, this principle also includes a suppression or superposition of the original drives like the joy or the interest to do something. Everything becomes a necessity and a duty and the enjoyment of live gets a pre-condition. Another side effect can be a permanent efforting and action drive that makes restless and prevents the being quality of life. In addition, mostly is not even clear what kind and definition of an adequate reward would be.

If you know this structure from yourself:

  • How does the principle operate on you?
  • What are the benefits and side effects of this structure on you?
  • What would be the appropriate reward that you want to achieve with your efforts?
  • And what could be, if you omit this efforting-reward principle?