free time

It´s vacation time in Munich and it might be the case at your place as well now, just before or soon. Holiday means for many of us freedom and relaxation, which we all long for. Particularly in this very time it is interesting to observe oneself and to discover the patterns which are usually covered by work conditions in our day to day life. Also in this “free time” we are actually not free of our inner drives and convictions about ourselves and the circumstances around us, which we have collected over the years. Here are some small checking questions for you with quiet a potential:

What do you do in your “free time” in order to feel good?

What would be, if you don´t do it?

Where does this inner conviction come from?

What would you do, if you were free of this conviction?

How needs the vacation to be in order to be a good one?

How has this inner conviction established itself in you?

How would the vacation be like, if it was free of this specification?