relaxation measure

Some people, having their days loaded with activities and duties and asking for coaching or other types of help because of overload, work-life-balance or burn out, have developed very refined patterns to gain little relaxation time outs, that “bypass unseen”  their planning, critical and driving mind.

These could be carrying out unimportant and/or delegable tasks, the use of links and other side tracking offers in the internet and many more. Maybe you know this effect of avoiding an unpleasant task by giving priority to a less unpleasant but also unwanted task and e.g. clean the flat rather than taking care of the attorney letter.

So, which “secret” kind of relaxation measures are you making use of, when you feel overloaded?

What would happen or be, if you acknowledge “officially” your need for relaxation yourself and allow yourself a “real” relaxation measure?

What thought could give you the inner allowance for it?