stress-related guilt

If pressure and stress are high, a natural effect of this is the feeling of anger or – in a heightened form – fury, wrath, hatred. We do not always allow us to feel these feelings, i.e. at least allow them WITHIN ourselves. But they are not extinguished by that. A common but usually preconscious way to deal with them, is to address the anger in an “easy” way to someone else, whom we abuse as an object. Depending on the context and the personal character that might be the own boss, the management, the customer, a neighboring department, the neighbor, etc. It makes it easier somehow to have found the alleged culprits. Sure, we know all this stress-related irritability. And in an organization, a department, a team it takes place even as a collective pattern. Sometimes these guilt charges get laid against a target person or group that will probably not even change. This ensures that one can live as long as possible with the anger derivation, without having to deal with the complexity, the own responsibilities and the real causes.
Have you experienced something like that?
Who would most probably get the guilt charge in your context?
What is the benefit of it? And what is the price?