Everything that does not arise from or address the true self, is boring in the long run. In order to understand this we need to differentiate true and false self: The false self is the ego, which defines itself in a set way, that wants to be a personality, pursues an image and thus creates own neediness. The resulting patterns are for oneself and for others in the long run tedious, if not annoying and frustrating. The false self wants e.g. to stay and look young and therefore tries to adapt a juvenile language and a youthful appearance. But the false self is always a cheap copy of the true self, which you may have lost contact to or which you perhaps doubt having inner youth – staying with the example . If you take a closer look by asking “Where is and what wants the real part of this quality in me (my inner youthfulness)?” you create something out of yourself. And that is exciting and interesting for yourself and for others, and does not require tedious efforts of the ego.
Do you get bored in life?
Do you get bored at work?
Do you get bored in your relationship?
What is true in this area? What’s the real truth?
Do you feel how alive you feel, when you see the truth?
Do you manage to keep the tension without transforming it into an immediate solution or action (and by that transferring it back to the same boring patterns of the false self)?
What happens if you look at and allow the truth? What is going to arise?