Every day we are extremely exposed to many stimuli on various sensory channels. The digital media lead us to be absorbed by their content. We learn more and more to divide our attention into 2 if not 3. We don´t feel ourselves fully any more. This basic noise level effects our encounters and we serve them with action and reaction, but deported them to a perception channel. We are there, but not present. Our meetings are sacrificed by this basic attitude to the sensory overload just as much as the advertising at the bus stop. For some, this state resembles a persistent vegetative state with speech capability, decorated with flowery phrases, sayings or pleasantries. If we are not present in the meeting, neither we nor the other can be touched.

  • Is it perhaps that being touched that you are missing in your daily life?
  • What happens when you drop your attitude and devote himself entirely to the meeting?
  • Do you dare to let yourself be “touched” ?
  • Do you wish that others experience the encounter with you as “touching”?
  • Do you believe you would need something to make it work?