what´s normal?

„The way it is, is not normal, not good. It shouldn´t be that way. If it only was how it is supposed to be, then I would feel contentment, meaning and commitment, then I would enjoy my work. But this is made impossible, unfortunately…” With such or similar complaints clients go to their coach, employees go to their boss or workers go home.

But who says actually, that all these states between “really bad” and “optimal” are not part of our life and our business life? Maybe the deficient state, the poor communication, the inefficiency, the error rate, etc. are exactly the reason why your job exists… or at least one part of your tasks…  Maybe there is no point in suffering by the non-optimal state… Rejecting what is and how it is gets you only into a permanent realization of disappointment.

Accepting the actual state as part of the whole – as small step of a big touring company – gets you into more positive energy for the decision of leaving or changing and allows you to see meaning in your effort while still staying away from liking the current state.

What inner “normality” are you orienting on in your business life?

What images about frame conditions, management decisions, quality and your role do you keep hold on so strictly that you get disappointed by reality on and on?

And how long do you want to keep them?