yes, no, okay

Much of what we experience, we do not like. It often does not correspond to what we think is right, helpful or appropriate. And that’s why we refuse it. This inner “No” creates in us a resistance to mostly unchangeable circumstances, which only costs us energy. But as long as we are still clear in your mind and in your heart, we do not want to say “Yes” to it, we do not want to accept it. So we seem to have no choice but to reject. But the differentiation shows another, much more reasonable alternative: the inner acceptance of the for us so inappropriate circumstances. An inner “Okay, that´s how it is now.” Many confuse this with an accepted defeat and a powerless letting happen. But it allows us to use all our energy into useful responses to the unchangeable actual situation and to shape the future realistically.
How much energy do you use on the inner rejection of an immutable state?
What could you do if you spare yourself this refusal?