your pure truth

in a conflict, an argument, a dispute we tend to be quiet busy with talking about what and how the other has said or done something and what and how we have said or done something. We try to prove ourselves right and battle with the jeopardy to be taken or judged wrongly. From this defensive place we get angry, sad, weak or rigid and cold – according to our pattern.

What would actually happen, if we ourselves dedicate the attention, which we want from the other, to our inner truth? If we ourselves take ourselves seriously, confirm ourselves about the inner pure intention which was triggering our words and actions? If we lean back for a minute and say to our counterpart “Hang on, I just need to see and find out my actual pristine intention. I am sure there has been a good and pure reason within myself.”?

And once you have found your pure truth: How could you express it so that it can be perceived by the other?