decision instead of stress

Do you know that?: Being not able to focus on the ONE thing that is in front of you. You jump back and forth with thoughts and actions, allowing that the feeling of being stressed rises.

What’s behind it? A necessary but not made ​​decision: To address yourself now to just this one thing.

Why do we avoid this decision? There are an infinite number of psychological reasons, e.g.

  • Because there is a concern, not being able to cover everything and therefore coming across poorly.
  • Because you prefer everything under control to prevent the worry of being unable to cope with life.
  • Because one would otherwise have to disappoint an expectation of someone and is worried that this person would respect one less then.
  • Because one really wants to do everything even at the same time and worries about feeling weak / unworthy / etc. if one accepts the own limitations.
  • Because there is a concern to make a decision / to have an opinion that could be wrong and one would be worth less because of it.

These are only examples of preconscious decision preventers. How is it with you when you are stressed and want to do everything at the same time?:

Why don´t  you decide clearly to address yourself NOW only to just THIS ONE task?

Are you actually successfully avoiding what you fear (preconsciously) and want to avoid?

Suppose the concern behind it would not be as legitimate as it seems: How would your life change if you decide what you want to focus on anew and clearly every time?