duty to duty

If only there was no duty… then I could live more happily, have more freedom, be more content, live a self determined life, finally do what I want, achieve something, make a big difference, provide a valuable contribution, do something essential.

These or similar connections occur often in coaching. And it sounds like a tragic unchangeable situation. But why do we fulfill the duty? Because a duty has to be fulfilled? Or because a non-fulfillment would lead to us not being able to master life, keep our job, or similar effects? And thus we couldn´t life happily anymore, could no longer be content, could not keep this (financial) independence in order to do what we want. Thus, are these duties self chosen duties for us having what is important for us? Is it so more a voluntary duty? Or did the duty start its own drive and doesn’t follow any of our goals anymore? Or do we stick to the unrealistic ideal of live shouldn´t have any duties? What for?

And how does your situation of duties look like?