fundamental tone of attention

We all have a particular focus of our attention that accompanies us as a fundamental tone in life. We usually don´t notice this orientation, but rather view it as a “normal”. And if we overdo it, we produce ourselves with internal or external difficulties. Here are some examples of these focusses: There are people who think about what is right and what is wrong, others pay more attention to be recognized as a person, the next focus on what they can display as their performance, others always want something special and be special, the next are always anxious to protect themselves against the environment, while others consider again and again, what could be hidden intentions of other people, others are always looking for more joyful alternatives, some are very absorbed by keeping the control in their encounters and others try to adjust to the attitudes of the other people around them in order to avoid disharmony.
Suppose your current difficulty goes back to one of these fundamental tones, which it could be?
And what if the current situation does not need this orientation, if it’s not really important to you?