growing beyond yourself

You have mastered the first step, when – being in a difficulty or an emergency – you manage to not simply blame others and feel helpless, but take yourself as responsible for the solution and generate the power for action within yourself. Unfortunately the second step is often an attempt for improvement of own contributions by showing more effort and insertion, going for more accuracy or perfection of what has been the own pattern for solution already. This is because on the one hand we tend to avoid a critical evaluation of our approach patterns (what if we find they are not really ideal?…? and on the other hand we don´t have pictures or images of doing it differently. Mostly we stay with the self image, which we have about ourselves, and with the image, which we have about the world, about others and about approaches to solution.

Have you ever experienced growing beyond your self image and being surprised afterwards, not having known yourself that way? The multiplicity of possibilities starts exactly at this threshold.

For your current need I offer you therefore the following provoking question:

How long do you want to continue to stubbornly hold on to your self definition, proof to others, that YOU ARE LIKE THIS,  and to limit your ways of action in the current situation?