impulse reaction

There are several ways to categorize the impulsive reactions to a difficult or stressful situation. I offer here one of them:

  • mentally – intellectually
  • emotionally – ecstatic
  • physically – active

Depending on former imprints we all have a preferred tendency to one of them. And if the other person has a different imprint, we often get devaluation or lack of understanding, which increases the stress yet. But if we are aware of our tendency, we can use it to stabilize ourselves and inform our fellow human beings, what we need first in the current emergency situation. In the first case that would be thinking through, contemplating, understanding the causalities, explaining, etc. In the second case, it would be a crying session, or slamming doors or swearing loudly. In the latter case, it could simply be the urge to get out of the room / house, to do sports, etc.
What is your impulsive response to a stressful situation?

How could you give yourself the opportunity to follow your impulse in order to stabilize yourself? How would you formulate it?