making up your mind

It is very interesting to monitor, what kind of (psychological) dynamics form our opinions.

  • Sometimes the driving force is the interest to remain in the emotional comfort zone. “I don´t want to have anything to do with stuff like this.”
  • Sometimes it’s about time to finally play a particular card, for which you have (unconsciously) been waiting years for an opportunity to play it. “Something like this I’ve experienced once and that won´t happens to me again.”
  • Or it is about reducing the complexity and to find simple explanations for difficulties. “It’s quite clear: They want here … and he uses that for …”

These are just a few of many possible dynamics that may affect the way an opinion is built in you and in teams.

If the opinion has a significant impact, it is worth to try discovering the momentum. The following question might help:

What is it exactly that you are feeling good about having this opinion?

And at what opinion I would have if I did not need it?