old feelings

Old feelings

Being in a difficult situation we are mostly not just confronted with the actual difficulty but also  sub-consciously linked with old experiences, which trigger a whole storage of old emotions. This volume is almost insolvable for us and puts a lot of strain on the current situation. If – for example – we had never experienced rejection, we would respond to a current “ no, I don´t want to meet you” with the question “why not?”. But the old experiences come up immediately and we react with the entire emotional burden of the past and feel aggrieved, offended, hurt, etc.

To repress the burden of the past would be counterproductive. But in an actual case it is worth to see, what really belongs to the current situation. And this is my question for you:

In case, you had never ever experienced something like this, how would you – as a “newcomer in such situations” – react?