orientation in leadership

As a team or project leader many orient on targets, tasks and expectations of their supervisors, directs, colleagues and clients. By the attempt of covering all of them, of making it good, right or even perfect, they are mostly already fully booked. Thus personal impulses and needs get to be set aside and the self perception is reduced. Quiet often in coachings and trainings I have been asked questions which remind on those of a rather inexperienced (young or foreign) person, like “Is one allowed to do that? Is it okay to say, what I don´t like? Is it okay to say ´I want…´?” If you set your own person aside , you generate the jeopardy of getting deaf and dumb personally. And this leads to employees missing the leadership person, bosses missing the charismatic decision maker, colleagues missing the real sparing partner and oneself missing the own being.

Who are you, if you set yourself aside?

What makes you believe, you yourself could not be the most important source of orientation in your business life?

How seriously are you considering your personal borders?