outgrowing yourself

Transformational leadership is the leadership style that brings the performance and awareness of employees to a new, higher level. Mostly it takes a leader who not only enables trust and loyalty, but also respect and admiration.

How about not waiting until you have such a boss? What if the person you see in the mirror, is the person for whom you want to surpass yourself? Who else for can you have more trust and loyalty? Then it’s time that you allow to yourself respect and admirations:
Next time in front of the mirror focus on seeing, which unlived potentials are dormant in you: What do you “see”? (And if you doubt: we all have this potential, so you can not be an exception.)

In which direction would you seek a higher level due to this potential if you were your own boss?
Sometimes it’s a phrase that a great boss says to you which is necessary so that you yourself believe in what s/he sees already in you.
Which sentence would be yours?