What was your spontaneous inner reaction when you read the word “self-love”? Was this in the direction of “of course” or rather in the direction of “oh dear, what’s that for an esoteric gibberish …?” Or “that’s not good, that’s selfish, narcissistic people get on my nerves, etc.”? Admittedly, the Christian word “charity” is more socially accepted. Why is that? Are we not able to distinguish egotism from self-love?

If you “listen into yourself”: Is there a desire to be loved unconditionally in you?

And can you satisfy that desire yourself, or do you need someone else to fulfill it?

What stands in your way to give yourself the unconditional love?

Do thoughts come into play, which relate to specific events, behaviors or characteristics? If yes: Do you identify yourself with these? How would it be if you direct your self-love to the self beyond behaviors and characteristics?