trump in us

On the occasion of the results of the US presidential election today, it is worthwhile – particularly for those who are not satisfied with the results (and I am counting myself among them) – to look at their own unloved parts.

A psychological, not a political consideration:

It is clear that not one man alone embodies something that no one else has. Even though we are all unique, we all move within the common bandwidths of human character traits. So it is conclusive that even what we do not like about Donald Trump is in a modified, smaller, more subtle form within ourselves. A part that we may consciously reject ourselves, be ashamed of when it shows up, which we try to suppress, or which we may conceal so successfully from our own consciousness, so that it is maximumly obvious to others.

We also know that we can not really suppress anything that we do not want to be true about ourselves, and that only a clear consideration can lead to a careful way of dealing with ourselves. And if we can accept something within us, we do not have to reject it so vehemently at others.

Thus, the current example is a wonderful opportunity for the expansion of one’s inner peace and our ability to deal with polarizing individuals.

What do you reject about Donald Trump?
And where do you find nuances of it in yourself?
Can you allow the realization?
If you reject this consideration, what do you refuse it for?