victim or perpetrator

Many people have a basic tendency to either of these roles. To prevent perceiving themselves in an unwanted role many refuge into the role of the rescuer. Saving others distracts from where you yourself are regarding the question of power over the own life and the accompanying self-responsibility. We are all perpetrators and victims in life and we can rescue ourselves far more than we think. So am I a victim of my computer crashing all the time. And I am a perpetrator in not caring to get another computer. The acceptance of the perpetrator’s potential is not about blame – the question of guilt is usually far too superficial anyway – but therein lies the potential of influence and thus the freedom we all desire. And the acceptance of one’s own potential as a victim is not about helplessness, but contains the humility towards life and towards humankind. From my experience coaching topics often show more the victim role, by which one dearly buys oneself the alledged acquittal of being guilty for the price of freedom for self-determination and the ability to influence.

Which role do you tend to?

Do you experience yourself often as a victim of circumstances or others?

Or do you persistently prevent the victim role by making decisions and asserting actions?

What´s your benefit by that?

And what price do you pay by it?