what does the organisation need?

If you suffer in your current working environment, there is something missing in this environment, something that is not offered, such as understanding, respect for human needs, fairness, humility, common purpose, etc. What is it that you are missing and thus the organization?
And probably there is not only you missing it in this organization. What do you do now with this statement? Try to turn away and find an organization that provides it? How about if you make to bring in the missing parts in your environment? Perhaps you immediately find a good reason why you can not, because you do not have the order, or because the “upper” don´t support it, or because someone else has tried before and failed, etc.
And here it gets interesting for you: How relieved are to have found a reason not to try it? How easily do you fall back into resentment on the edge between resentment and courage? How do you negate the possibilities of your personal influence?