quick tendency

Let’s look at the pace at which thought processes take place in acute difficulties. How fast are we to think: “It’s all his or her fault.”, “Simply everything is made difficult for me.”, “I am not capable for this. “, ” No one would believe me anyway. “,” One cannot do anything here except … “., etc.?
As a coach I am always surprised how quickly some customers have given up on what would be their ideal solution. Usually even without actual testing. It is as if there is a tendency to avoid confronting the external difficulties with the inner ideal solution – perhaps subconsciously out of fear to make the dilemma even worse then. But this would be a much too rapid conclusion.
Just as quickly as we avoid this reasoning we can fetch it again:
What would really be the best result in this situation for me, for everyone involved?
What are my options, I go for it?
How would my heart put it?
Or: How do I keep myself away from the possibilities of using my influence?