results or experience

We prefer results and insights rather than experience.

The route is the goal. We all know that phrase. And yet often and especially in difficult situations we cannot implement this wisdom. We follow what we want to achieve with a lot of energy and attention, and devaluate the lifetime on the path in respect to the time when we will reach our targets. We devaluate ​​and reject what is. And are dissatisfied and unhappy in this state and actually because of this approach.

Why do we do that? Perhaps a few considerations might help to make conscious principle decisions in this area.

How does our will play in there ?: We create a target and follow it with strength and will. Or we simply know, that we wish for (any)thing better, and we insist on it as if it was our birthright.
Do we produce for ourselves a possibility to influence, what happens to us?
How much of it is a real possibility and how much is just an illusion of influence?
Why do we have to devalue what we have not decided ourselves?
What opportunities arise for us, when we look at the unchosen states and meantime as similarly precious as the target states? And when we surrender into the experience?
How would you recognize this tomorrow morning?